The characteristics of memory foam:

Modeling on the basis of body heat the well-being, support and comfort that an in-memory mattress can give you during rest will be better than other mattresses. Factors such as weight and height will have a limited effect on the mattress’s ability to adapt.

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The characteristics of memory foam:

A mattress of any other type reacts to pressure, deforming depending on your body mass and your resting position. In this way, unless the consistency of the padding is exactly what you absolutely need which is practically impossible. It will be easier for your back to arch upwards or bend downwards, worsening the quality of sleep. So in the morning, you will feel more tired and tired. Starting the day on the right side of the bed will be even more difficult.

We add that the properties of memory mattresses have also been recognized for the treatment of long-term patients. They are indicated for the prevention of bedsores and not only.

Given their ability to always give the best possible rest, they are recognized by all as the best by customers and doctors. So much so that memory mattress is often synonymous with a quality mattress. Just choose the mattress with care.

While choosing the best mattresses, it is essential to check measurement. An incorrect measurement can create several problems, first of all, it can be difficult to redo the bed, especially if you have a bridge bed or another similar solution. Be sure that the mattress is placed perfectly on the slatted frame.

A more valid and reliable alternative, when you need to replace the mattress, could be to check the measurements of the old one by checking the label, if possible. But do not measure the mattress, as of length, width and thickness can vary greatly over time.

Once this is done, you can proceed with the communication or the choice of mattress sizes which must be exactly the same size as the network. There must be no empty or excess spaces, as the mattress must not go to “fit” in the frame, nor must it protrude too much from it.